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1. Change Your Mind (Feat. Lele)

[Verse 1]; Had a dream last night where you looked so fine; And it brought new thoughts to life; Made me change my mind, change my mind; We've been friends a long time and I wonder why; All of a sudde...

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2. Glow

How the flame on the beach; It made me glow; Whisper please, don't you leave; As it slowly let go; So low, then a silken song; But the wind picked up speed; It made me glow; You made me glow; You make...

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3. Lighthouse

My love is deep as deep as the ocean; Follow as I enter the sea; I'm standing on the edge of the water; I can see a light in my dreams; It glows but I can't reach it; I've always been blind anyway; Da...

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4. Thunderstorm (Feat. Lele)

The weight I carry in my arms; Is holding me holding me down; The thought of having you around; Is bringing me bringing me down; It's only been a year; But it seems like the longest at times; When you...

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