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1. Bullseye

Everybody's trying to get to me; Everybody's all for the kill; I'm the type of guy worth pursuing; But I won't be caught standing still,I won't; You're blowin all of your attention on me; Take your be...

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2. Division

You chose to surrender; The best thing that's happened to you; What were you missing? Were you just trippin? Running away from your fear; Was the best you could do; You made this decision; You chose o...

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3. Like It or Leave It

You say you don't know me; You say you don't owe me; You say that you won't be happy waiting; You think that you're worth it; You think you deserve it; You want it all right now, your way; Together we...

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4. Like Whoa

Life is good I can't complain; I mean I could but no one's listening; Your image overwhelms my brain; And it feels good, good, good; Now I'm rollin' my window down; I love the wind but I hate the soun...

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5. Make It In America

Got a one way ticket down a 2 way street; Got the wind in my hair and there's dust on my feet; I'm just trying to make it in America; Only thing to my name is an old t-shirt; Faded 1985 from a Stones ...

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6. Mixed Up

La La La; La la la la la; La La La; How come everything turns out; Leaving me with more doubts; I feel like im upside down; And I dont wanna be here; I go right, shoulda gone left; And I say things I ...

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7. Overrated

I pass my reflection, it's someone else; I see your invention and not myself; I turned into your perfect guy; A total stranger; Now I see then I don't want to; Being you when it's all just an act; It'...

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8. What You Mean To Me

Can't blame you; For thinking; That you never really knew me at all; I tried to; Deny you; But nothing ever made me feel so wrong; I thought I was protecting you; From everything that I'd go through; ...

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