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1. Konoyo No Uta

Uta o uta ou daichi no uta o kaze; o hidakou hikari abite; Hoshi wa matataki machi wa kirameku; FUWA FUWA FURURIN menai komete; Uta o uta ou sekai no uta o doko; made ikou Sora o aoi de; Hito no fubu ...

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2. "libera Me" From Hell

Do the impossible; see the invisible; raw! raw! fight the power! touch the untoucheable; break the unbreakable; raw! raw! fight the power! Power to the peeps, power for the dream; still missing piece ...

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3. Never Lose Myself

If there is one thing I can not stand; It's everything about that thing; Excalibur, I can't stand him; I just hate the name, I wanna break him; Get away from me, you can not be me; Get out of my way, ...

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4. Nikopol

The ground below my feet" elevated; Instinctively programmed there for me; No thoughts my visions clear not too complicated; I'm here because you're here; (You've got a problem now); The speck of fear...

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5. Noratan

Disgraced faces, dishonor basis; Past a bit stained; I'm here to embrace them; Give a new name; Kind of like facelift; Serve me right; But you ain't on slaveship; In the God you trust you just; So are...

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6. The Dark Crow Smiles

Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi;; Qui pius es, factus, prou do, plaus tis a netut actus:; Miserere nobis; [Chorus]; Sir, excuse me for interrupting; Allow me to introduce myself; Butler, yes I am y...

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