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1. Animal

Here we are at square one; Time is a thief and it can't be won; We fell so heavy in the dark; With hands in the fire ready to spark, ready to spark; And oh the damage has been done; We're caught in th...

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2. Behind The Mask

Mother, pick me up from the floor again; Tell me to count to ten; Cover me with all the love that you can lend; On you I can depend on; Holding on not letting go; How can I feel alive again; In this d...

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3. Eye Of The Storm

I wear you everywhere I go; It feels so close on my empty ghost; Can you scare away the wolves, scare away the wolves; (Wrap me up, wrap me up, wrap me up; Wrap me up in your love); I wear you everywh...

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4. Headlights

In this smoke filled room we move drunk love; And high on fumes; Oh, you're twisting me like a rope; Oh, you're trying to stop the flow; Oh, you're playing with mind; Oh, trying to get inside; You're ...

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5. Love Is a Sacrifice

Look to the sky, and feel the heat; In the air we breath (we breath in); Your disposition is the only opiate I need; Don't you know all the world; All the world loves a lover; It's better if we're lat...

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6. Not Had Enough

Run, there's a fire burning me down; Gone, you left me like a ghost; In an empty town; Would you taste the same? We fall out, we fall again; Run in desire, we all will doubt; I can't call for help; It...

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7. Smoke & Mirrors

If we could be forever young; You said don't think just jump; If we had been the only ones; I'd have run with you until we found the sun; There you go, there you go again; There you go, there you go a...

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