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1. A Song To Sing

Swing swing me around these white-washed keys; Paint paint me a ship swimming at sea; And give me a dance to move my feet; Just something lovingly and; Stay with me; Sing sing with me; A song to sing;...

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2. Coast Of Maine

Please wait for me... ; I miss the holidays; The way you looked at me; Please wait for me... I'm coming back to you in portland; I should have stayed back there with you; On the coast of maine; I shou...

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3. Come Back Down

I know sometimes, people say it'll be all right; But I have to think, it's not that way in her mind; And everything's not fine, so don't tell her it takes time; Cause everywhere she looks, she's remin...

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4. Don't Go

I'm sure by now; You have found; Another way out of this town; Auburn scarf 'round your neck; Winter nights with feet so wet; Envelopes letters sent; Times we laughed and danced in step; Don't go quit...

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5. Falling Feathers

I never meant to let it go this far; But it did so we left each other and fled to the bars; So this is how the story goes; We sent each other a feather for the road; And then we both realized; That we...

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6. Free The Beast

I don't know how to play fight; It just ends up in a brawl; Uh huh I do know right from wrong; But I gotta give it my all; How many times can I tell you; How many times must I say; Instinct rules my h...

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7. Love Finds Love

This one's for you my angel eyes; i love your name but will you take mine; i'll wait until the time is right; i'll wait until we both find; love finds love a new chorus to be sung to be sung by us; (i...

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8. There She Goes

Just one question in my mind; Still lingers on through time; "oh my dear god, why'd you let happen what happened that nigh?t"; Oh my dear god; There she goes; Take the long way back to your house; On ...

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