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1. A Distant Light

I don't know why I have to look at the sky; Always strive to reach that high; I don't know why everybody tries to fly; Do we need to be so high; From all directions the warnings are drawning near; Clo...

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2. Alive

It follows me; Tries to divert me; It's going to break into my mind; Dark forces calling from above; From another side of life; Parasites gnaw at me; But I will always be; Alive; Always be alive; I se...

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3. Beyond The Stars

Everything around me seems unreal; It's not the way I used to feel; I try to stop the pounding of my heart; Any kind of pains get nip in the bud; Familiar places passing by; I seem to fly; All the mem...

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4. Blinded

Envy, greed and hate; Have left scars on me; Scars as deep as canyons; Now I stand here; Face to face with my fate; I absorbed the world around me; Compassion I've never known; I have paid the price; ...

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5. Falling Leaves

Armies of butterflies; Whirling around my head; Senses I relied on just don't obey; It looks like paradise is near; Enjoy the moment and it will be here; Once I felt like this; I never thought that it...

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6. Flight Into The Self

Did the teacher tell you what is right; Have you followed rules guided by the voice of mind; Did you learn your lesson well my friend; Are you prepared for life or just about to end; Have you ever lef...

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7. Foreboding

You wonder if you like the way; He's playing with your feelings; You know that it is not the way; You actually wanted; There's something in your mind; That keeps you safe and warm; The mystery of fore...

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8. Game Of Life

She drifts away in sorrow; Her mind will leave her soon; Its hard to face tomorrow; All that could remain is pain but; Fate will light a candle for the one; Who stands the game of life; Under this bla...

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9. Music

[Written by John Miles];

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10. One Life In Asia

People in the downtown streets; Selling food and unusual things; Drinking water eater rice; A young boy sitting with his mother; Silently endures the day; Bothers making it alright; But look in his ey...

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11. Peeping Tom

I'm on my own; No time and space perceptible; Just deaf and blind; That's the way I'm feeling; My courage gives up; The drive has lost it's reason; But the moment is near; And light is gone; Just for ...

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12. Secret In Me

I leave the ashes of my brutal; Past won't fulfill my future life; Deep inside I need to run away from; Lying, hiding, betraying; Crying, denying, pretending; Life goes on straight to the edge; Hopele...

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13. She

Wandering in thoughts; I remember her calls; Her voice and whisper; Silhouettes of my past; Increase all my sorrow; Who am I now; She leaves a memory; Embodiment of harmony; Beauty of a woman; I felt ...

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14. Silence

Thunder from afar. Above a glaring star; The wings spring up from out of nowhere; Calm before the storm. Seasons acting as they want; Nobody knows nothingness is marching on; The sky has turned to gre...

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15. Spring

She stops her movements; And whispers to the trees; Secrets of her life; And how it's meant to be; Clouds look like mountains; She wants to walk on; No wall could be high enough; Would always be trans...

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16. Treehouse

Mother hold me. I think I need to cry; Father help me. I have to get things right; Sorry son, sorry honey. Ain't got time to worry; Was afraid of these answers. I fell into a stare; Today I'm standing...

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17. Treehouse Theme


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18. When Thoughts Are Running Wild

My whole life I've been waiting; For someone like you; The one and only; But there are times I wonder; Who you really are; If you were alone; It's in your eyes and in your smile; It's in the way that ...

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