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Letra da Música Charon Of Styx de Ivory Night

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Hades calls my soul - I fall to the ground
My blood is running outof my veins
Dead bodies all around
Charon is his name - pay him fame - pain
Then he'll take you to the otherside
Swim on styx
Pay with fame - and pain
A never ending night

Charon, charon of styx
Sun will never rise - on the river styx as my heart dies
Now I must dream again - I can't resist
It's my final night

Death wind blows cold
Charon takes me home
On a pyre in soaring flames
Honour is cleansing my name
Charon is his name

Ficha Técnica da Música Charon Of Styx

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Número de Palavras 88
Número de Letras 479
Intérprete Ivory Night

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