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1. Breath Of The Innocent

I'm driving through that wasted town; Destroyed walls and burned-out homes; I feel sad and I'm afraid; Remembering all the fallen bombs; The ground where I walked; Drank the blood of many years; A dee...

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2. Capping Day

Hear the pounding of the motordriven man; Stabbing slowly through the desert sands; I'm standing hypnotized as if led by a head; All my dreams are finally over; Have you seen the lifeless hands of the...

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3. Charon Of Styx

Hades calls my soul - I fall to the ground; My blood is running outof my veins; Dead bodies all around; Charon is his name - pay him fame - pain; Then he'll take you to the otherside; Swim on styx; Pa...

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4. Emperor

The lying hypocrits; The unclean scum; The cheating salesmen; Unworthy ones; They stand right in the way; Of the worthy folks; They have no right to live; At least not anymore; My land, your land, our...

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5. Fallen Father

You look like my grandfather should have looked like; Some dozen years of life; Have written a storyline onto your face as; Graceful and wide as your eyes; Different chapters and different scenes; And...

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6. Keeping The Lie

Slowly as the sun is falling and the day must rest; In the hours turning darker you will be my guest; Dimming lights and frantic shadows slither on my face; While your fearful eyes await me to take yo...

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7. Machine

Welcome to your endtime-war; This is not a dream; A nameless traveler; Appears naked on the scene; Human flesh and scanning eyes; The only vivid trace; Steel as bones inside; A machine behind its face...

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8. The End

Lost in a dream - our time will come; Lost in a dream - time to run away; Lost in a dream - behind the shadows; We are lost in a dream; Where are the children; of the revolution; With flowers in their...

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