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1. Asteroid

In the dark lands out in space; A stone cuts the air; It's course is long and fast, It carries us pain and death; Every time we've watched the earth; We've seen a sorrow land; Now the Universe will ch...

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2. Back To Life

After dark moments; After grey times; On my knees I'm not no more; I'll rise up anyway; I've found my surviving reasons; I've found my strenght; In the ones who lend me a hand; I am, I am back to life...

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3. Fading Away

You lose your life; In the wind of time; Your spirit fades away; Pitch black horizons; Appear in front of you; Your memory; Was sealed inside; It leaded all my life; The passing away; To eternal exile...

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4. Hell

[The Traveler:]; Now I'm lost in the Sorrow Land; It's the kingdom of the Fallen Angel; Every soul had his Judgement Day; No return from the gates of Hell; Charon watches me with his burning eyes; He ...

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5. Lord Of Mountain

There is a kingdom for the men; And a kinddom for the gods; Where mountains touch the sky, Every legend can take life; High, over the clouds, kingdom of fire; High, over the clouds, kingdom of fire an...

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6. Milites Templi

[Ballad singer:]; Far away from home; Once in a time; Milites Templi; Born in Holy Light; [Knight:]; "We were the keepers of the Temple, We had glory and fame, Lust and greed melted into human flesh";...

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7. Raining Tears

Looking into my thoughts; The worst omen so bold; In a world of ruin and pain; Rays of light that barely strain; Across this game; And a shining flare; Beats my eyes every day; Unbereable test to face...

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8. The Journey

Walking through a mirror; My steps under the moon; Crawling with my mind in many isolated ways; Crossing my tomorrow; In enchanted lies; I can see all my aridity; All my dreams are dead; Follow my ste...

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9. Valhalla

How many miles has to walk a man; To find his identity in this world? He's following his way; With the courage of a king; He's searching for his soul; With the constance of eternity; How many dragons ...

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10. White Wings

I have a dream and the dream was you; I scream loud in the night; But when the eyes regain the light; Please don't stop my vision; In the silence I call your name; And where you are screaming? I won't...

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