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1. Arrival Of The Horde

Far far in north; Warcries sound; Mother earth is crumbling; while the sun is rising; Axes and shields; hold in the sky; Men invade the field; like hungry wolfes; Grassroots are frightened; they dread...

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2. Baldurs Death

Solo - P. Kasper; Master of light; so beloved so justified; awaked in your dream; that showed your destiny; Wala the prophet; told you the fate; So this prophecy; will be in sight; Your own; Your own ...

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3. Beowulf I

From Sweden I am; an almighty man; A grandchild of the king; the gauts are my tribe; Powerless and weak; they thought when they see me; My first challenge was there; about my enemies I don?t care; My ...

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4. Bloody Vengeance

A lot time has past; since the wicked bloodbath; A big army was built; by those who weren?t killed; Dried blood on their swords; and the assailment of hordes; are urges; for retribution; Our vengeance...

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5. Twilight Of The Gods

Three years war; Three years winter; Icy coldness chains; Chaos frosts the world; and evil dominates grace; Ragnarok begins; Ragnarok begins; A time soon will rise; where mighty gods got dethroned; No...

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