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1. Américo Fontenelle

Come and see it ruin; The wonderful city big myth; Under the burden of poverty?s dark complexion; Where the ammoniac stink of urine; Dried by the heat of the exhaust-pipes; And of the tropical sun; Bu...

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2. Boiçucanga 40 Km

How far are we? Will we never get there? There’s a remote chance; Of touching that point in the horizon; And looking behind from there; Regret of having regretted; Such an odd trip; And for long; I’ve...

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3. Córrego Seco

Leito dos nãos; Dos sonhos vãos; Só pó, só chão; Seco! Seco! Nem riacho; Nem estrada; Nem passos, nem água; Nada! Nada! Espinhos sem cactos; Desejos sem atos; Malogros dos fatos; Inatos! Inatos! Resse...

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4. Crux Decussata

Martyr of uncommon belief; Crucified in the incognito glory X; I’m a three-legged dog; Running after the cars’ wheels of fortune; And when I finally reach then, Another limb is amputated; Now I’m a tw...

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5. Desperation

Rainy Days; Wet days; Soaked in weeping; Wake up for the tasteless prudence; Try to deny; Try to deny; The nostalgia for what wasn?t lived; In the dangerous hour; The missing what could have been; Suf...

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6. Gang Of Dogs

Remind me of when I lost my soul; Damn cold! Too cold! And I’m a little fraction of what I’ve wanted to be; Yeah, I get scared; When I find myself; Still trying have feet dry and something else; Cold,...

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7. In Finnish... ( Itsari Means Suicide )

Lie, falsify, distort; And reach grace; The ones who love you no longer believe; But back you up to keep faith; Hard work, sincerity, passion; Robots don't value; Only media, popular emptiness; Rubbis...

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8. Loony By Chy

When the false ego makes ruins of; The gothic symbol; Of those feverish days; Bloody; Insane; - It's not enough to ask for return -; It's not enough; It doesn't bring it back; It's not enough; It's ju...

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9. Sensação de Cinza (sol de Inverno)

Choroso cinza que veste a cidade; Mas cinzenta é, como todas as outras são; Seja a de São Pedro, São Paulo ou São Sebastião; Sem idealização, fantasia de felicidade; Sem rubor do pecado, da embriaguez...

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10. Thuggish

You let me down; It's over; Now your face; Your friendly face... You're a monster; You let me down; Crying for hours; Don't you think so? With burning rage; Running; Insane; Come on start to blame me;...

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11. Wkml

Disappointment; I know what I'm saying; Eyes of the worst; Only point of view; Survival handcuffed to the imperial portals; Of the city of gray; Decadent den of a bankrupt, aristocratic form of life; ...

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