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Letra da Música Poisonous de It's All Red

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(his darkest wishes made flesh)
She lets loose her hair
Well, she drives him to wonder
What if just for a moment she’s there
In this pheromone feast he’s over
Well-built enough to have pretty much anything she craves
That scent she has will lead ‘em like sheep to their fuckin’ graves
For her he sighs alone at night
Now his life she starts taking
She sucks his blood with crushing ‘no’s’
His self-confidence breaking
Longing to suffer
With shattered knees he bows unto her
(the dark queen of his sorrows)
His dreams are jokes
And he’s the punchline, throw him some laughter
(she turns tomorrow so black)
She ripped his chest open
And pulled out his heart
He’s not falling in love
He’s just falling apart
Young succubus with tanned skin
And she knows she can take him
Down! like the rest of them, gone!
Now her smile’s a knive, stabbing this one!
And this world will fall around him
Bleeding on and on and on
And his hands won’t bear the tears
They are too heavy to hold
His world will fall around him
His hands won’t bear the tears
His blood will freeze inside him
His heart will disappear
This love is such a burden
His soul is worn and torn
He’s weathered by this monster
This curse has lingered on

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Número de Palavras 188
Número de Letras 1231
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