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(a sorrowful dream)

Her: my room is empty
Him: are you sure about it?
Have you locked the door twice?
Just to be sure
Her: no one can see me
I'm hiding all the evidences
I will leave no trace
Tomorrow it will all be done
Him: they try to put the door down
Her: I'll shut my mouth
I'll hide so fast
Here in the dark
No one can find me
Him: they're getting closer now...
Her: they?re here in my room
Their lights are seeking
Him: they're getting closer now...
Her: their eyes are watching
I hear the steps

Her: they've found it!
The ones dressed in black
Point those lights at the closet
They say: \"he's here!\"
Her: these walls will choke me
Him: but can you really blame ?em?
As soon as the guilt strikes
The air is gone
Her: so if they found me?
His blood still staining all my clothes
The knife still in my hands
Tomorrow won?t be soon enough
Him: now, when I'm gone
And leave it all behind
She can say, for sure
\"my room is empty.\"
They?re getting closer now?

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Número de Letras 1001
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