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1. Disentegrating Penis Syndrome

Do you blow her!!!... ; Apart..Big dick, My cock and me are dancing, As I split a bitch in half! Ughhhrrr! While I masterbate my cock, I start to see it disentigrate! My big blue balls fall apart, MY ...

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2. Fucked Up Penis Pentagram

I am going to fucking tear my penis. ; Demons ask me first to slash up a pentagram upon it! Slash it, Slash in the pentagram! Fuck it, Saw it the fuck off! Rip it, Rip it to pieces! Cut it, Cut it for...

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3. Haunted By Insomniac Penis

My penis-Keeps fucking-Keeping me-Up at night! It keeps talking-All this bullshit-All the while-Trying to bite! I really fucking slashed it right down-I butchered...And then I fucking jacked off! ("I ...

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4. Intentional Erectile Amputation

Alright! The...amputation! I...cant believe this-I cant fucking believe this, My COCK-Im slashing it! Im trying to amputate-Fucking twisting it around, Burning so violently as I jack...And re-jack, I ...

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5. Inter-dimensionally Torn Penis

What the shitting fuck is this? Its energy-It fucking rips apart my penis! INTER-DIMENSIONALLY! It covers me in my penis flesh! Ughhhrrr...

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6. Lactose Intolerant Sperm Dazed Dick

(Cock dying...); SPERM...DAZED...DICK!!! Im shitting then I eat the waste! (Rah)! Lactose intolerant RETRO mutilation, Bleed!Bleed!Bleed! I stir the turd filled vomit milk shake and I like it very muc...

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