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1. Butterflies And Stars

look what i´ve finded today; a mask for my bad hair days; a meaning , a real solution for be; between butterflies and stars; Something to stand up for; something to fly me up high; But what am i looki...

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2. I Met A Girl

I met a girl from a long time ago Now i don´t remember her name But i believe in her face, she's still the same In the very old town we used to hang together passing trough the hard times and we were ...

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3. Is Your Smile Just For Me

- I won´t ever shed a tear for you neither a smile to and i will, will walk you home... baby when you see that i had to leave I´ll be already gone When i see one of those smile back to me How will i r...

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4. Nankin

Bring back to bring it down; Seeing Doom coming in my away; Believing the storm shall pass; Ask yourself if is that what u want; Cause when i close my eyes; I´m really not screeving nankin on screen; ...

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5. One More Chance

Give me one more chance I won´t try to hide from youThe love i´m fellin for you i´m sorry i´ve hurt you, i know i broke your heart; So tell me what can i do; To see you; One more time; one more time s...

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6. Photographs

i cant sleep anymore; cause i'm still here waiting by your door, ; and pieces of clothings and photographs:; " are things that i used to travel into past "; i cant wait all night long ... ; ´cause i h...

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7. Sad Reality

I wake up Feeling sad for myself I can try Pretend everything´s allright Now i see How things must go on Isn´t right And No one is by my side So do you really had to break inside of me Do you really h...

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8. Still Ignore Me

How many times Should i spend with you cause you were thinking "If you don´t want me You can leave me right now" And it´s raining tears Of a sad day but now what can i say? If don´t you want me to sta...

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