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1. Age Of Darkness

Sunlight fades away; Black lightning from the sky; Souls cry out in pain; Darkened gods in reign; Eternal night unleashed, Corpses rot away; No flowers no trees no life, Swallowed in darkness; Myriads...

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2. Aska

Time moves slowly; Silence spreads; Like rings on water; Reaching everywhere; A new nightfall comes; Will this be the last ? All around me is gone; A vast nothingness; Spreads over the world; From sho...

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3. Beyond The Black

The tears fall still, Silence drowns my will; Ulcerous I've become; By this Emptiness, This damned nothingness consuming me from within; Black hole soul... ; Suffocation from inside; Filled with void,...

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4. Black Hours

Endless plains of grey; Coldness sweeps my soul; All lies in; Silence; Far below; The starry sky; A forlorn journey; On a path to nowhere; From where; Have I come ? Is this all; There will be ? My mem...

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5. Bleak

I'm listening to my heart; The beats you rarely hear; The drum is slowing in; My nightmare's sinking in; I'm opening my eyes; This night is new to me; Everything seems so clear; Embracing dark cold ai...

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6. Bliss Of Solitude

Autumn:; Let your rain wash my sins away; A gentle stream down my face; My skin is stained and bruised; Crimson drops on pale flesh; Ease my pain; Erase this despair; An endless sleep; Would be the bl...

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7. Born From Shadows

"At last ! the saviour is here ! Brought forth from the western darkness; Our hope ! for the peace we sought; For so long, will it finally come ? The black cyclone will engulf; The world and leave not...

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8. By Blood

The origin of sin; Lies hidden deep within; The paths to carnal hell; And damnation of the soul; Its mysteries unbound; For the seeker to find; He who holds the key; Shall be set free; From this priso...

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9. Come To Me

Eventide, at last, is here; Close my eyes and greet its presence; I can feel the void that feeds; On my sanity, on my mind; My flesh... and soul; Oh, this pain, it stains my world; Blinds my eyes, clo...

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10. Condemned

A rose dark as coal; Born in the wrong shape in a world so fierce; Exposed with no voice; Innocence is lost; Her will tears her down; She will not crawl down in shame; One way adultery will be her mis...

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11. Deceiver

I can feel the poison in my veins, Rushing blood governs my time; Freedom expires willing to resist, I'm the deceiver Judas in my world; I look into your eyes, Backstabbing still not aware; Try to occ...

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12. Dreams

Relentless ground under my bare feet; Quicksand to sharp rocks; Fierce yet soft as I wish to be; That's what this world demands; The mirror uncovers my soul; Naked and left out; The world devour me in...

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13. Dying

My relentless countdown; Is refusing to change its pace; And all those old black scars; Starting to mark my face and soul; And my darkest skies; Keeps on pressing me to the ground; With these filthy c...

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14. Forevermore

You have always been in my world (A tragedy I sigh); I have always been in yours (All I did I deny); You were searching for tomorrow (Oh, your presence I despise); I was searching for eternity; Futile...

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15. From Clouded Sky

The morning sun has vanquished; The pale blue light of the night; As the new day now arrives; We clear the ashes in our search; A thousand fires burning; With unforgiving rage and fury; Consuming, dev...

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16. Green Demon

You invite me to dance; Spinning world in front of my eyes; Then the time seems to stop; Now I'm feeling complete, I worship you; When you're gone, I'm in pain; I am down on my knees, begging for more...

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17. Imprisoned In Sorrow

In the dark; I see your shadow in the dark; This vision haunting my mind; In my dreams, in my vain; And I yearn; I yearn for you in tears; My life is thrown away; I believe you will be there; With awe...

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18. Insomnia

Sleep, sleep no more; The spell was cast, distant words; Dark, a dark room; But I see far too much; Clear, clear my head; My thoughts they haunt me still; Feel, feeling cold; Escape is not my path; Da...

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19. Moonstone

Dark are the walls surrounding me, My journey brings me deep inside; The secrets hidden inside this tomb, The ancient air in this castle doom; In search of the moonstone; This hidden and forgotten pow...

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20. My Angel

Strengthened by my rest my uninvited guest; Just like an insect which is feasting on my spine; Somewhere inside my plague decides to hide; Twisting all my bones until they turn to stone; My angel, ple...

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21. Premonitions

All is lost I do no longer care, All is lost I cry out in despair; The betrayal in her eyes were far too obvious to hide; I felt a pain in my heart, A pain which may never part; My love strong as ever...

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22. Shadowstone

Forevermore dark the world shall be; Upon the breaking of the seal; The birth of sin and Evil unleashed; In every man's heart and soul; Never again will tears be shed; Upon the Loss of a Life; When it...

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23. The Lake

Silently gazing at myself in the mirror of truth; Where memories and destinies dwells; Dried rivers crosing my reflection; Scars so deep in flesh and soul; I see that dark stain in my eye; The one tha...

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24. The Watcher

In the sky above the clouds; A view of what once was; Eons pass before my eyes; Still together with myself I sit; I have witnessed their lives, I have witnessed their failure; I have witnessed their s...

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25. Throne Of Void

I cry for you; the pain, the loss; Our innocence is gone, a shrouded haze; And as the flowers wither; Our beauty is no more; All is lost; Like a bleak remembrance of our solemn past; Time rips away ou...

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26. When All Is Black

When i amm all alone; When all is black; I lay myself down; When all is black; I slowly close my eyes; When all is black; And prepare myself to die; When all is black

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27. Nothingness

Time is a wound that will not heal; Broken, beaten and alone; Obsessed by a thought of what once was; A void is all that's left of me; All I ever wanted was for you to see; For you to hear, for you to...

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