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1. Don't Say It

Go; Stop the screaming and the gripes; Get rid of all the stereotypes; Leave all those comments in your head; Better yet just stay in bed; Shut up; Your not bringing me down; Shut up; Your just messin...

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2. Intangable

I am fine; You don't know what your seeing; Burned Inside; You don't know my true feeling; Happyness; On my exterior; You can't see; What's going on in here; What you see; Is just an illusion; Played ...

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3. Synthetic Error

Nothing divine; Crumble in time; Something can't sence here; Broke under pressure; Synthetic Error; Breakdown of the things inside; Take apart everything on the inside; Watch your life slip away; Seei...

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4. To The Ground

You only step on me; You never let me be; Sympathy I cannot find; It's burning up my mind; I see your face; As you throw me to the ground; I go insane; As I'm falling down; I'm hit in the face; As I g...

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5. Your Fake

I won't belive your lies; I cannot be hypnotized; Say what you've already said; It's all just in my head; Subliminal images; In my mind; My sanity; I cannot find; Reality; You cannot take; Can't trick...

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