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1. Dark Path

A silent solitary room; With postcards on the walls from you; Too scared to take them down; I guess it's just it feels too soon; Sometimes I like to hurt myself; By dreaming that I'm somewhere else; A...

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2. In My Garden

In my garden there's; Trees and flowers; A cool breeze; And april showers; Moss and vines; Wrap the branches; Roses cling to; Stoney arches; All is forgotten; It's burried under ground; Time doesn't h...

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3. Let Me Go

I want you more than you'll ever know; And I can't see an end; 'Cos this began so long ago; And I'm a woman; But with you I'm just a child; I put on a brave face; I just shrug and smile; So much has c...

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4. Morveren's Lullaby

Listen close; As the sun begins to go; And the river starts to flow; Oh my love; I love you so; And I've wanted you; For so long; With an aching; That must be wrong; I'll be your woman; Your whore and...

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5. Peggy Gordon

Oh peggy gordon; You are my darling; Come sit you down; Here on my knee; And tell to me; The very reason; Why I am slighted; So by thee; I'm so in love; I can't deny it; My heart lies broken; Beneath ...

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6. Resolution

I feel I gave you up too soon; And I took for granted; All the love I felt from you; And even though at the time I; Made up my mind; I'm still not clear; And I'm thinking of ways; That I can keep you ...

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7. Seaside Suicide

Run away; And never look back; Take your pain; And leave it in the past; Re-connect; Only when there's nothing left; Now's your time to feel at your best; Now's your time to feel selfish; A home in st...

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8. Waiting For You

I need a man who'll take care of me; And make me feel safe and happy; I don't want no one traveling around; He needs to be right here with me; But you can't help who you love; And boy, it's always bee...

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