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1. Cemetary Weather

I never knew what I would do; If anybody tried to take you away; And your beautiful boy won't wait for you; Because he's busy with the stars and the fame; And I don't know why I breathe; It's taking t...

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2. Clush

As we share this simple night; Do you understand that I; I could never tell a lie; So we all know by now; That you are your favorite thing; Oh when I hear you coming now; So please allow me to introdu...

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3. Empty Sighs and Wine

I finally found her but I haven't got a piece of her yet; And I wanna tell you by the way (I think I've ruined your body); She said "I love you, but you're difficult"; Words I've heard so many times b...

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4. Hills Like White Elephants

These are the veins of the way that we love; These are the hearts of lonely people ripped in front of us. Things aren't the way that we-; Love as if you didn't know at all (...); Never once, never kne...

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5. Viola Lion

I am a million pieces of the sky; I found a way to be alone; I'm gonna wait until you want me; Until you finally decide to go home; Diamond, diamond are you all in the sky? I can't believe all of thes...

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