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1. Bag Of Tricks

Leather black silver girl; Sunset eyes long dark brown curls; Memories linger on; On and on; Quel-Que flowers and happy hours; I remember how you; Dressed in style; Shined your smile; But all the whil...

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2. Faraway

Took a drink to drown my sorrow; Numb the pain until tomorrow; Such a bitter pill I swallow now; Took a look my hands were shaking; Deep inside my heart was breaking; On my face the smile I'm faking n...

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3. Here And Gone

Some say nothing is for free; So you take what you can; Everything's got a fee; She looks better than before; All alone here tonight; Two of us on the floor; But then she'll fly away; She never likes ...

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4. Little Scene

You walk in the room; The music starts to play; The taste of Chardonnay is on your lips; Incense in the air; And candles everywhere; The big fish are all there for one more dip; I'm not part of you li...

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5. Sweet Potato

She makes me nervous; With a look from her deep blue eyes; Slightly curvaceous; Giving me love that I cannot deny; And so mysterious; When she do what she like to do; Just like Colombo; I'm a spy look...

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