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1. Coconut Dracula

You don't see the world the way I do; Your eyes; They no longer search for truth; because you found it; I don't feel used when I'm with you; I don't feel abused when I am with you; You're not out for ...

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2. Cold Speak

Sometimes, your legend and your heart; Can get the best of you; I'm not trying to be cruel, that's just what we do; You know that is true; You make the cold speak when you're talking to me; (Just love...

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3. Counteract

Confuse the path of distractions and send them on their way; Maintain stability, and gravitate towards purity, and always seize the day; You know it's ours for the taking. (It belongs to us); You know...

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4. Criminals

And it picks up his status; Like a drunk man falling on a moon grave; In case you didn't know; We're all criminals; Always acting so proud of what we should have been ashamed of; We cut the lights off...

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5. Hearts Grow Cold

It still surprises me, every time I open my eyes; Good morning Saxon, how ya doin'? Why the season is white? Season is white! But summer celebration is near; I can feel it near! I just don't care; Jus...

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6. Kingdom

The trees know the end is near, like rain on the leaves of the underside. The waves will be shaken with fear; and the ships and men remain memories. ; Castle of your highest power. Broken crowns lying...

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7. Lucky Rabbit

You've learned to read the stars; but you still cannot read these words; the palms of your hands tell the future; but you were born with no hands; you've been putting hexes on your exes; and pretendin...

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8. New Wave

We were taken even just forever; We expected the summer; It's grassing in; Why are you so terrified? Do you see it coming? Yeah, you're so terrified? Do you see it? Don't feel sorry for me; Don't feel...

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9. Pains

Defiled, burnt, raped and left in the dirt; Out there in cold; Making it blind, feeling your own skin draw answers; Getting cold; And damn these wishes to be alive, but the man alive; Seeks death; You...

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10. Side Effects Of Youth

Hey, I get it; The soul is there; The cowards' rhythm seems so loud! And it's so many pretty girls; I did it! But don't forget how you won, how you won; Cause if you apply pressure, people get to know...

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11. The Sadness Of Graves

Look at all the beautiful buildings scattered on the ground; And all the people enslaved by their liberations; And look at all the bloodshed; The lamb has been bled dry, look at all the blood; It's be...

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12. Violence & Destruction

Young men, it's time to take your stand; It's time to raise your voices; The nations are in an uproar and the kingdoms shake; But when he speaks, the earth melts away; Hold the orphans, help the widow...

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