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1. Cage

I´m just as close as you, close enough to isolation; Been there before, can take no more; Let it pass, let it go now, I´m on a trip through myself; I´m him, the one you know, the one with the ego in h...

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2. Heal

Words are falling; Time is broken, time to heal; The main thing to say unspoken; Steps take us further; To a different point of view; Sound of echoes, some other meaning that says; To join, gather rou...

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3. Idea

Explosions are everywhere; Even in my head; A way through cosmos, a heavenly ride; Climbing up the ladder to the stars; Somehow we’re connected with the sun and the moon; A lesson of power and emotion...

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4. Loss

Somewhere through time; The loss of air; Not found; Somewhere nowhere; My space in between; The light began to fade; Me without embrace; Naked, searching; A hand full of grace; Darkness turns to dust;...

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5. Part

Grab; Reach; Hold; Existence; Water and rain; Together; Separate; But still so familiar; Ma, there will come a change; A different phase of everything; A different kind of lovely little things; So sma...

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6. Rage

Decay, hate, terror, Hijacked planes and hostage situations; Revenge, war,hunger, Rage, fear, anger; Primal screams and silent desperation; Lies, news, headlines; The signs of the new times; So obviou...

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