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1. Battle Cry

Always when you try to forget those days; You look in the mirror; All you see is the hall of fame; The brave are awaiting their graves; Burn in the eternal fire and take your place; Heartbeating of yo...

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2. By Faith and Prayers

When you slept; They didn't torment you; And people claimed for the proof; Gathering...who would trust themselves; So, they've made - a secret; And hits of lash; Covered your skin; The hope was dying ...

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3. Crown In Blood

What have you done ? What can you be proud of in your life? Don't worry; And tell me your lie; It's all your fault; You've created selfish and perfect world; Drowned in glory; Your eyes were so blind;...

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4. Manhunt

You bleat like a goat !!! When you see my bloody apron; And my knife, is waiting like a hound; Do you like to be in my home? I won't let you go; We'll see, how you run and hide; Bell rings, now it is ...

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