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1. Erzgebirge

Everlasting valleys; Cut through giants of stone. Times don't harm your mountains; Nor your grimly spirit. ; I walk on the top, my dear home below. Neither stormwind nor ice will bend; Nor invading sc...

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2. Hymn To The Son

Lying on a ground full of entrails, knowing it's the last chance to feel your sword, fighting hard and bleeding for your homeland. No-one will say that your blood was spilled in vain. ; They will sing...

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3. Isenburg

We prospect the deepest seam, crawling in the blackest holes. Obsessed by the treasures; of our holy ground. ; Our fruits are made of stone, We extract from innermost. Our mountains bleed for us; and ...

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4. Pandemoniac

Ravens, ancestors souls, guide me through darkness, declare my appearance. Maggots under my shadow, you follow my steps, you know my intent. ; No life behind, no future before me, so in past and so fo...

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5. The Return

Restless years of travels behind, my bones are weak and old. No place like home I see for years, but now it's time to return. ; From north to south, from hell and back, not even knowing what to search...

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6. Wave Of Weakness

When I look around, I see a land of elevation, the land we were born, brothers in arms. Surrounded by the mightiest nature of the teutonian realm, Let's face the icy wind of a new millennium. ; With p...

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