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1. 8 (Eight)

You were there but I was blinded by the air; And the light sided, just because it wasn't fair; You were dark but I saw colors all around you; And the cars drove faster than the speed of sound; Diving,...

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2. Change It

Girl, I said; I've been watching you sleep instead; Of talking to you; Girl, she said; you're the best thing that I've ever had; I swear it's true; I've been dreaming about you; And keep feeling this ...

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3. Dancefloor

I've never wanted to hurt you; Cuz you were the one I wanted to hold; I've never wanted to lie to you; Cuz you were the truth I needed to flow; Around the dancefloor; Nobody could get in between; I wa...

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4. I Need Ya

We're all so late-clubs; We're all the same; All so drunk-loves; All for the fame; Right now I; Can't think I'm intoxicated; Lose control I; Can't feel I'm intoxicated; ; I'm gone for the night; Sick ...

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5. Lost

I came from a lost, lost city; Where I can't go back; And I wonder I track; Where they all went; Everything is so different; Everything is so different; And no one hears me when I cry; And no one sees...

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6. Useless

You are useless; And that's kind of perfect; Hurry up, I promise not to mess it all up; Once in a few times; I would like to kiss you for a while; You're once in a lifetime; I don't wanna miss you ton...

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7. You're All My (Heart)

Right now, I feel like screaming; A thousand yeses for running away; I really don't mind about what you'll say; Cuz I just feel like willing; If tonight it's too late; That's alright I can wait; For y...

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