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1. 4r da Squaw

[intro]; Beat tight as fuck. turn up! Turn the light off, des, turn it down; Aye, you roll up? You'll roll up for the boys? for the squad? Nah, that's top job right now; Aye, check me out; [hook]; If ...

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2. Brad Jordan

Now it's just me, my nigga Mikey D, getting throwed; We was bangin' out some Masta P, on the road; I prefer my word with platinum teeth, maybe gold; They don't like it when you come direct; well fuck,...

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3. R.I.P Kevin Miller

Y'all live for bitches and blunts; We live for weed and money (x8); Alright, now if I die today, bitch my legacy is straight; I'm the best they never heard, I'm your brother, just relate; I need diamo...

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4. Why Worry

Too busy livin' big; Too busy checkin' of my list of shit I never did; Drop top on all my whips; Ain't none these hoes my bitch; Ain't none these hoes my gig; Can't even hold my piss; Oh, that's your ...

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