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1. God, This Feels Good

Intuition; I'm not sure of my body; This is different; Yeah, I'm late to the party; Not my decision; I hunger for some fun; But I'm here, I appeared; It's so severe, it's so surreal; Too many things I...

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2. Makeup Drawer

I like your makeup for love; Where'd you get your foundation; Oo La La La; You're so so pretty; Yeah, lots of colors to choose from; Just like our situation; Oo La La La; Oh; It's such a pity; You cou...

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3. Miss America

Not much here that's left for us and we don't know what's right; We're a planet ambidextrous and both sides lost the fight; There's a chrome-plated faded future that I'll save for us; And I'll know th...

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4. scorton's creek

I find a scary film to watch; I know that you've had enough; But I can't help to see you scared, I love to hold you; Yeah, I don't care, I don't care; As long as I can hold you; Let's go to the tennis...

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5. Suicide

Suicide, baby, it's the worst! Think about the people that you'll hurt; They won't even care about the things I'll choose to do; Because all I am is all that I've been through; My skin is very young; ...

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