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1. I Will Wait

A white picket fence on the coast; wasn't ever my style; We'll have a love that's worn in; 'cause it took us a while; I'll see my past in the corners; and cracks of your smile; And seeing your future ...

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2. Know Me Better (With Anthony Dircson)

You call me when you're lonely; Tell me that you're sorry; Like you still wanna lean on me; But you're gone when I wake up; I know you know you need me; But I don't really need you; Sometimes I wanna ...

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3. Walk Like Jesus

Baby, say it straight; I ain't playing games, nah; We should have a name, mm; I know that you wanna be, yeah; Sailing away, sailing away with me; Paying all my dues; Never time for dudes, nah; Not unt...

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4. Who the Hell

Na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na; You said you wouldn't call me; I can't help my kiss; Hit you like a cannon without warning; That ain't criminal; I'm dressed up in a white dress; I'm a [?]; It'...

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