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1. Be Bold Like Elijah

I'm so good at having, having nothing to live for; All that does is make me, make me want more; So I sing like this; Be bold like Elijah; Be bold like like Elijah; 99 nights just means there's more he...

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2. Feel Good Inc.

City's breaking down on a camel's back; They just have to go 'cos they dont hold back; So all you fill the streets it's appealing to see; You wont get out the county, 'cos you're bad and free; You've ...

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3. Goin Slow

If I hadn't had years of practice; Sitting in circles shaking it off; It would be less comforting; for me to know this; Tomorrow could be the day to stop; I drive myself forward; and keep my collar st...

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4. More To Explore

Whoa, let's get the beat for everybody; That's it, I got some words for you here; I'm a maniac; only cause it's fun; I don't wanna be someone; cause I'm like no one; So you question the message; you l...

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5. Not In Front Of My Eyes

Not in front of my eyes; Not in front of my; I won't stop you praying; when you say you need to; I don't really trust you; but somehow I believe you; If you really wanna; go and burn a house down; I w...

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6. Your Mother

All these words dont wanna come; when she's looking; But I know they will arrive; if I need; Our friendship means much I swear; I'm not trying; But the idea of a swat; is exciting; I see what I see, I...

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