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1. Burning Metal

I'm a warrior; And you the virgin; You are my sacrifice; To the Metal Gods; I'm hot I'm on fire; Persuaded by sex and wine; Woman come here to me; On this night; Wolves they howl; Full moon shines; Hi...

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2. Call Of Doom

Riding through the night; Warriors born to fight; Living by the sword; Only care for pillage; Rape women and drink wine; The scourge of war breaks loos; Hear the call of doom; In the night; Call of do...

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3. Hyperborean Hordes

Beyond the cold; And grim northern winds; Stands a kingdom; On the snowy plains; Fabled empire; At the edge of the world; Within its fortress; Fiery magic reigns; From the skull gate they shall ride; ...

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4. Into The Arena

Far from home I feel so alone; No will to live inside this cell; War prisoner, chained forever; Time has come for a last farewell; Trumpets now sound exciting the crowd; A bloody spectacle will soon b...

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5. Ironsword

Now listen well; If you survived; From ancient kingdoms; We have arrived; All Metal warriors; We will unite; So wield thy swords; Come join the fight; Ironsword... Ironsword... ; We'll lead the road; ...

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6. March On

Ride, ride; Ride like the wind; Tonight we ride; With fire and steel; Ride on; Riding the sky; Tonight we ride; And fear not to die; Winds of war blow tonight; This is the new dawn; Metal warriors wai...

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7. Way Of The Barbarian

Cimmerian, son of Crom; Last one standing of a noble race; Free barbarian that knows no master; Trust the sword as his only faith; Way of the barbarian; Way of the barbarian; He has no gods to worship...

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