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1. Covet The Night

Steal the sun right out of the sky; No need to ever ask why; Breathe the shadows; and sense the thunder; No need to keep it asunder; Graven images feed my mind; Wake up to another time; The air is coo...

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2. Domme

I've been daydreaming too much; now these days it seems; I can't sleep at night because of; all my naughty dreams; You've been on my mind and; it has overtaken me; I've lifted the weights that; kept m...

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3. Down The White Line

You think nothing of yourself; or for anyone else; You runined my life; you're ending yours; Then you go and; light up again; Why do you do it. Can't live without it. You keep dragging me down. Why do...

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4. Hail To The Thief

You just let the paper burn; Our voices were not heard; Watching democracy go up in smoke; Everytime that you spoke; The time has come the judgments now; Time to pay up somehow; It's not free, it's no...

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5. I Survived

You tried so hard to ruin my life; and all those words; they cut like a knife; And all you did was; try to bring me down; Well I survived and; I'm still around yeah; I learned to live; with the guilt ...

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6. Misfit

Don't you ever think; that you've had enough; You went and blew the; grade guess you're not so tough; Don't you ever think; learn the bloody lesson; That stupid smile on your; lips is it just expressi...

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7. Velvet Moon

You've been into another time; Dancing fairies all in a line; Sets a kind of emotional rule; Flittering hearts will make the fool; We stand before Mother June; under the velvet moon; Seeking that fina...

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8. Wicked Kiss

Can you see into my cat's eyes; Well I'll tell you the most vicious lies; And I'll take your breath away; Then I'll leave you by the light of day; I've got power you can't resist; You'll love to die b...

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