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1. Big Loader

mine is abuse, silage head wound; coughin' up a load; and your father; crippled black phoenix; never fed; i'd love to chew your teates-o-[fucking]scylla; denial rots, spores open and fire looms; heads...

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2. Fink Dial

Gas disease machine; Cunt-fraud; Deaths during rock magic; Fettered arms reach for blackened penis; Separation of delusion and cum; Soil of disorder; Survival of the shittest; Obese male feeding begin...

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3. Kiss Of Death

Paralyzed alone and frightened; Laying low so you won't be sighted; Something out there wishes you death; You'll have to run or fight til you last breath; Faint sounds in the alley; City beast is out ...

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4. Web Of Piss

dehydrated blood missile; can i lick your shots... daddy-o; 1,000 ravenous skulls; rigid claw bolted to fucked balls; cheap hit from shitan's bottle; shit, sick and ants; hair and skin burned; web/pis...

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