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1. Black Magic Spells

Evil warriors - the vanguard of doom; Opening the gates, exhuming the tomb! Fires burning higher - praising their king! Armoured to fight, hear the churchbell ring; Infernal warlords - commands from h...

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2. Born to Play on 10

They tell us to play short songs and get nice looking hair; But we spit on their graves - our band's still there; Stripes on a false tiger might wash away; But a band of brothers is here to stay; Occu...

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3. Cult Of The Snake

Demons dwell deep in the jungle; The sign of evil points towards the sun; The smell of decayed life surrounds you; Their blasphemous rituals have just begun; Moving onwards to the altar; Poisoned arro...

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4. Demon Queen

In the first love night you felt that she's odd; Gave you a lust-bite but it was just façade! Her sensual moan was a means to an end; Hear heart's like stone her love's just a cant; In her eyes you ca...

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5. Druid's Call

Ancient magic, they call the runes! Flutes are playing long forgotten tunes; Dancing around their altar of stone; Shaman kings with staffs of bone! Druids summon demons of death; Earth's taking its la...

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6. Dungeon Master

Here I stand with the wand in my hand; And I know that my time has come! Eerie sounds from the heart of hell; Echo out of the dungeon's cleft; Casting demons - shadowlords! Guard me on my way! Facing ...

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7. Fire!

I've got this strange, strange feeling; I know that it ain't right; A sensation so thrilling; A lust that I can't fight; Fuel, matchsticks, fire - tools of my desire, tonight! I will burn you to a cri...

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8. Fists Of Fury

Enter the dragon; And feel his might! Don't try to stop him; He'll start a fight! His hands are of metal; And his feet may kill! In every battle; He enforces his will! Fists of fury! Kicks of glory! N...

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9. Heavy Metal Generation

Can you hear the thunder from the sky? Can you see the lightning striking down? Can you feel the power rising up? Can you hear the music getting loud? No more need for rest or sleep; We just need more...

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10. Metal Rebel

When I first heard that sound my world was turning around; And I knew that I'm one of them! One of the metal maniacs - ready for attacks! I am a hard rocking man! Wearing leather on my skin, living fo...

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11. Rocket Raiders

Setting up start your engine; Get ready - live by your rules again! Back in your seat, ready for take-off! Your destination is the galaxy! You're an outlaw, a crimson rider; Visiting a thousand stars;...

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12. Ronin

The law of your life is the law of the sword; No one can stand in your way! Your lord lost his life - was betrayed by his men; Now vengeance is all that you seek! Anata ga shitakoto subete wo nik unde...

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13. Speedbiker

I'm the speedbiker; I'm driving on the road; The highway is my kingdom; My engine's overloaded; No one's gonna stop me; I'm driving much too fast! No one's gonna beat me; 'Cause I'm the fucking best! ...

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14. Spirit Archer

I can see the white part in his eye; A sign that he is close enough; I send an arrow directly into his chest; His mind shatters - he is taking his last breath; I won't stop until I take all of your so...

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15. Steamhammer

A man like thunder - the titanfist! Feel his pure power - you cannot resist! The fist on his banner - a legend alive! His name is steamhammer and he'll never die! Steamhammer! The rage is his guide! S...

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