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1. At Home In The Dark

No one knows this mountain I delve; At home in the darkness of dreams; My king and my country lie dead in the stone; I'm alone, no one to share my home; Ah ahh ah ah ah! They took no prisoners; A dark...

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2. At The Gates

Across all time, on the edge of tomorrow; Death came to call, show no sorrow; Reaper in black, take me away from here; Lead me now, the journey holds no fear; Shut my eyes, and open to clarity; Before...

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3. Chains Of Solitude

Don't be fooled by your wanton desires; For I have bathed in your funeral pyres; Once I was not but a young man; Memories lost to the shifting sands; Of time! Of time! Take my hand and follow; To the ...

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4. Crowned In Iron

Born under the sign of metal; In the northern land of frost; Fists high we march for glory; Victory at all costs; We've flown over mountains; On a silver steed we'd ride; Forever and on for metal; We ...

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5. Demon Of Deception

Devil's wrath incarnate; Angels cry in fear; Crimson walls please the beast; Smell of iron fills the air; Flames of anger fill his eyes; The beast has come to play; His blood lust to be sated; No fear...

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6. Egypt (The End Is Near)

Feel the fury of mankind's demise; When ages change and stars align; Secrets buried by the ancient sands; Who can say what mysteries; Are carried by those who cannot speak; Locked inside strange symme...

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7. Fired Up

It's getting late now, and I'm about to strike; Heavy metal thunder, lurking in the night; Geared up to go, and ready to fight; Gonna get my thrills, before first light; Fired up and ready to go; Fire...

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8. From The Ashes

And so another day ends; And a new one around the corner; Somewhere someone dies; A friendly man turned martyr; Lie instate among the ashes; Soon you will be again; Lie instate among the ashes; Among ...

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9. Legions Of Metal

Flying high on wings of steel; This fearsome beast will never kneel; Blackened skies, rolling thunder; Drums of war start the plunder; Seize the sceptre, take the throne; We're taking back what we're ...

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10. Montezuma

Is this my final resting place, my final place to dwell; The vile stench of blood and death, this pain as if from hell; A fleet of spanish galleons, are spotted on our seas; The date and time are perf...

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11. Shadow of Death

I have seen the sands of time, they are running out; I have crossed the valley of the shadow of death; I have seen the fires, in hell they glow; I have witnessed humanity, insane they grow; I've had m...

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