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1. For The Crown

I take my gin on the rocks; To rid me of the day; If things don't get better; That's how i'm gonna stay; I need some loud rock `n roll; To make me feel all right; I need a red hot wench; To get me thr...

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2. Hell And Back

Been traveling' down the freeway; Off the beaten' track; Gotta mission on my mind, Keep `em off my back; This ain't no mission of mercy, No time to waste; The decision's on my mind, Gonna state my cas...

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3. Need Your Lovin

Baby it's late and i feel so strange; Girl i wanna shout; I want love, yes i want you; You know what i'm talking about; Playin' in a band, tryin' to make a stand; Still i can't seem to get it all out;...

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4. Rock 'n' Roll Band

Hey pretty lady you know you drive me; Crazy with your baby face run away; Smile you might think we're crazy but; Let me tell you baby we're havin' one hell of a time ! you might think we're crazy but...

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5. Shaker

Not last night, but the night before; I found myself passed out on a floor; When i awoke, i didn't understand where i; Was, or where i'd been tried to get up, But fell back down the whole damn place; ...

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6. Streetwize

I've been running the streets; For most of my days, Tryin' to live on my own; Like a rollin stone, Never gathers no moss... Especially, when he's rollin' alone; Been bustin' my ass, to get by; Though ...

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7. T.a.w

Lying on the floor with your fingers; in your ears screaming blood pain; it's too loud and you can't hear; swimming in the power as the blood; flows to your brain watching all the; others screaming "t...

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