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1. Imagine a Better World

Into another world; Into another life; With closed eyes; We get get inside; It's so could outside; The sun spends no more light; But the smell of peace can't be; But the smell of peace can't be denied...

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2. Iron Fate

In a time when rivers run dry; And evil comes along; Thunder keeps on roaring; Heavy metal will be strong; The electric eye is near you; Looks straight through your mind; Don't think, just follow the ...

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3. Killer Instinct

It's cold outside, a few minutes past midnight; I hear that somebody talks; The beast's on the run and the damage is done; So blood will flow down in the streets; The hunter is fast - a murder at last...

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4. Lightning Bolt

Look! The sky; Turns to blood; The rage of heaven; Let the thunder strike; Heavens war; Is going on; I'm scared; It makes me run; A lightning bolt; Shoots through the clouds; And leaves a riot down be...

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5. Painful Sorrow

Yesterday you left us - the race is run; You finally made it - God quit us all; We had tears in our eyes; As we remembered the time; We stood by your side; But you lost the fight that night; With pain...

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6. Rage In a Cage

My spirit is crying; And my brain is overloaded; Heaven can't help me; I think I'm going insane; Flying high; Where angels sing; Burn my wings for; Suffering; I got a hole in the head; And God comes d...

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7. Resurrection

Want to break free; A leader is wanted, but who could it be? A girl is the one, that we're searching for; It's a reincarnation and we look for more; Howling of the wind is heard from a far; We want to...

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