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1. A Walk In The Irish Rain

When the sun goes down o'er Dublin town; The colors last for hours, oh; The lights come on, the night's a song; And the streets all turn to gold. ; A gentle mist all heaven kissed; Like teardrops off ...

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2. Barret's Privateers

Oh, the year was 1778, How I wish I was in Sherbrook Now,A letter of marque come from the king, To the scummiest vessel I'd ever seen, ; CHORUS:; God damn them all! I was told we'd cruise the seas for...

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3. Murphy Broke The Pledge

Timothy Murphy kept the pledge; For nearly fourteen year, But Christmas even' he felt so bad, He got out on the beer;; Oh, he came home like a roaring lion; Filled up with rum and gin, For he's like a...

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4. My misty morning shore

My ship lies in the harbour, the full moon shining o'er; A salty breeze blows in the bay, I hear the combers roar; Tomorrow I am bound away, far from this land so poor; To start a new life far away fr...

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5. Peter Street

Oh you landsmen and you seamen come listen to my song; its of a trick was played on me it wont delay you long; i came from sea the other day a farell i did meet; she kindly asked me to a dance was up ...

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