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1. 11:34

I have seen me solace end a thousand times. I've challenged death without compromise. I have shown forbearance throughout my tortured existence. I only ask to be saved from the madness I face everyday...

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2. Already Dead

Woke up outside humanity. Discredited society. Sent to reveal the destiny of living here eternally. Know that your thoughts shall not be free, your future here depends on me. Therefore you will adhere...

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3. Always Remain

Miss A, I know you had a stroke. I see that you're not feeling well. Miss A, the thoughts that this provokes brings forth the words I need to tell. You raised me like your own. Taught me respect and s...

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4. Awakening

I live my life like I want to live it. Nobody's gonna change that. Say what I say, do what I do. I don't give a fuck. Tired of the bullshit that you always wanna preach. Don't need you on my back, so ...

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5. C.p.r

Unnecessary roughness in full effect. From the east to the west suckas always disrespect. Prosecutors regulators all violators. Each and everyone of those fucking pigs will meet their maker. "Protect ...

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6. Cerebral Assassin

Defiance, an art I cherish so dear, the attack on one's cerebral sphere. Inject my venom in desolate minds. Asphyxiate and make them blind to my conspiracy of ultimate mental supremacy. Bring forth my...

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7. Day Of Reckoning

Deflection is all that he perceives. So please forgive my atrocity. My love for you shall never die. My bond is real it's there for life. I hope you someday realize my loss of love brought forth demis...

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8. Dishonor

From the throne you have stepped down. Disgraced his honor's royal crown. Distorted lies reveal your truth. The evidence does not delude that you are nothing but a man that never stood for what he sta...

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9. Gone

As I relive all the twisted, dark sides of a tainted memory. I realize that the facets I hide continue to haunt me. I can't forgive all the punishment that they dealt me blow by blow. I used to feel s...

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10. Step To My World

Don't start 'cause I'm irate. 19 fucking years of hate. Reaching back so long ago, so fuck you niggas 'cause you don't know my pain. The inner truth. Institutions I've been through. Twisted guards of ...

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11. Supremacy

I shall not stop hating those who hate me first. Spreading words of prejudice only makes my anger worse. You think your standards all above all that exist. But your feeble wicked mind won't continue t...

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12. Transcendence

You went and pushed me much to far to break my pride. Years went by and my heart turned black, as the memories never died. Time and time I say to myself, what's become of me? It burns me every time I ...

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13. Vendetta

So after the fucking smoke clears and the dust settles, We're left with one mission, defending the families name. We planted our flag years ago and staked our claim. This ain't mall metal made for lit...

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