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1. Baby

He met her smokin' cigarettes in the men's room; He liked her high heels, she like his tattoos; She said she'd never been east of the west coast; Couldn't stand all the palm trees and windows; Called ...

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2. Honest

My hands are shaking, my mouth is dry; My thoughts are racing, my tongue is tied; Your eyes are haunted, your voice is low; Stoic and flawlessly in control; You can be honest with me now; Promise that...

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3. In The Dark

There are monsters underneath my bed; Keep me up all night and scared to death; 'Cause I hear them scream; In my dreams; There are skeletons living in my head; Locked in closets that were never [?]; '...

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4. Whiskey and Weed

What's this condition? Some conviction? It's hard to tell; Call it affliction or addiction; Some call it hell; You've said there's somethin' worth havin'; Beyond this place; And I believed you, yes I ...

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