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1. A Pocket Size Of Armageddon

Never ending sequence of agony; A split second nightmare rapture; A constellation of perverted dreams; Transformed into momentary salvation; I transgress the context of omnipresence; Wallowing in abst...

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2. Antihuman Hate Generator

No fucking feelings; No remorse; The factory of terror; Takes its repugnant course; Total violation; Of all that's human and pure; Dehumanisation; Set as a general rule; Cold-blooded dominator; Antihu...

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3. Blades Of Malice & Scorn

We pervert your truths and tighten your chains; Adoring the decay of miserable order; We rape the bodies of the daughters of man; From the shattered cunt of gaia we are born again; This is the entranc...

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4. Keep Your Eyes Closed

Nothing is illusion, everything is true; And it is in the nature of man to be good; Maybe there's no god, but he still loves us all; And I can promise you the world will never fall; Everyone is equal,...

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5. No State Of Grace

The blade of terror shines again; The pounding sickness is back; The flag of hatred is raised even higher; The third antihuman attack; We wield the banners of nihilism; Fistfucking god's creation; Emi...

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6. Scars Are Sexy

The unspeakable pleasure; Forbidden marriage of shell and flesh; Climaxing dangerously; Venomous lust intoxicates; A hunger so deep and profound; A quest with no promised reward; Upon the verge of lif...

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7. The Antithesis

One thousand faces of putrid holy evil; The only light, the only divine voice; Serpents of dirty life and rotten death entwine; Into the black emperor's scourge; Come on! I am the last fix of heroine ...

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