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1. Amber

Warm; And smiling; Underneath; And deep; Rushing bubble; Know my soul; To keep rope; Soft pulling; Endless be; The ride; So to surface; With the; Morning tide; Hanging; Above you; In amber; Surface; A...

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2. Breathing

Memories; In a letter; In the hands; Of yesterday; Holding words; Like forever; Until your; Dying day; I'm your well; I'm your water; I'm your; Sunshiney day; You're the star; I saw falling; Wishing m...

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3. Lighthouse

Waving from the harbour; There behind a wave; Another boat is sailing; Blind into the sand; Navigate the island; Sweep a little wreck; Weigh another; Anchor here; I live in a lighthouse; On planet me;...

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4. Outside

Painting my roses red; Remember all the; Bloody things they said; Wiping my hands; That bleed; Bleeding into the dirt; That groans under me; Constantly my dirty friend; Help me roll over again; There'...

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5. Pigs

If I could; Only be like; The world; Is wide; The guns would; Only be toys; To learn by; We've been; Breaking bottles; 'Cause we like; Glass in out feet; We've been; Lusting diamonds; Cause our; Best ...

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6. Pockets

I think you're; Taking it too hard; I didnt think; You looked so bad; Its coming back; Into fashion; The envy of; The designers; Catwalk makes; You nervous; Behind your shades; At night i slipped; And...

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7. Scars

Scars on your mother ouch; Uninitiated couch; Don?t see the evidence, yeah; Right wrapping; Those ankles tight; Your fingers in her eyes; And stick them in her ears; You push them in; Her mouth and; S...

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8. Shadowlove

it's happening; night after night; and not that its wrong; it's alright; in spite of the; meal that we throw; they sit on the wall; and they know; that hunger is not; what they fear; as long as; each ...

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9. Two Girls on a Train

two girls; on a train; will tap you; from behind; and make you; be unkind; they wanted; and you gave; the harder; other day; was easier; to do; and easier; to guess who; would be; most likely; tapping...

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10. Vision

Hey why don't; We take a while; In lethargy; Wet with style; So you can see; The inner mile; And we'll wake; Before the vision; Is gone and while; We sleep I'll cradle; You make no mistake; I'll fit t...

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11. Visitor

Looking out of my window, when; They’re coming I don’t know; Waiting for my visitor to come; I’m waiting for; My visitor to come home; I can’t see if they’re flying; I can’t see if they’re driving; Wa...

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