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1. A Perfect Role

166 ways to kill and you choose this?!? You wear sadism like a glove; Sitting there in you suffering chair; Watching your love joke on it's own blood; Have you no concept of regret? I know you can pre...

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2. A Pictures Worth

A Pictures Worth; Shattered your words, broken in meaning; Fallen from grace on high; My heart is still bleeding; Centered in your hate; A fine night to walk in the shadows; Letting darkness fall over...

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3. Decay

Decay; Tonight I let loose the dove; In futile hopes of its return; Watch bleeding feathers and flags unfurl; Free with the breeze that burns me; I know that I pushed you to fall apart; These eyes are...

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4. Drawing Blood From A Stone

Drawing Blood From A Stone; Sometimes I wish the shadow I hide in would smother me; Slowly rip the breath from me and set it aflame; Burn away all my self-consciousness and fears of lies; Then, maybe,...

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5. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa; Is this the day I forget you face? Or maybe tomorrow when we ride the breeze of steel pins; It's never as easy as I remember; Burn everything that bears my name; And let me drift away from ...

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6. My Gift To Liars

My Gift To Liars; Made pale by putrid light and shadow; Your face reminds me of the dead; Just a little less beautiful with twice the rot; I guess I'm seeing through that facade of yours; A little mor...

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7. Porcelain

Porcelain; Take this phrase and bury it beneath you; No more battered faces and forgotten tongues; It seems you've renewed my faith in hate; I'm not as exacting as I once was; I've forgotten what thos...

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8. Sever The Leech

Sever The Leech; I never believed in much of anything; But I believe in this strong enough to kill; Hook in mouth, you wont let me go; A state of separation, self-imposed; A breath of fresh air for th...

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9. Shadows Within Shades

Head for the barn. Cascade the mountain side, finetooth comb the fields. This is a scarecrow nightmare. Harvest time has come; Buried to your neck. Twilight fades over blood, What a fuck trophy cliche...

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