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1. Cannibalistic Deeds

Can’t resist those happy faces; Must destroy and plan some chases; Let’s prepare for your sacrifice; Try to run and I fucking torn your head apart!! Open your eyes, try to realize, this is your demise...

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2. Gorement Of The Swamptrolls

Rulers of the swamp; Masters of excruciation; Young dripping cunt extermination; Struggling through the bushes; Peeking for female pussies; Finding their path back by following their juices; Taking th...

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3. Inhuman Ignorance

Marching on, minds set on zero; Scenes of inhuman tortures; Troops of savages across the field; Rain of reflecting bullets on the shield; Oppressing to achieve total annihilation; Heading to kill, to ...

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4. The Butcher's Art

Lain down on the executiontable; Whole extended and cracked; Exposed fearfull and alleviate body; Considerable pain up to the last; Terrified reversed and hanged; Stretched flesh of my back; By the ho...

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5. To The End Of Day

She feels the obscurity of mankind moving; Moving towards her gentle little neck; As he languish her with his mind; He closes her windpipe while it fills with blood; To the end of day; Pined away; To ...

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