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1. Blood Of Impurity

I indulge in this delusion; Incinerate demented memories; You're destined to suffer manipulation; Knowing tomorrow it all starts again; Disrespect; Subject to my ways of abuse; This blood of impurity ...

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2. Defloration

Blood flows down your legs; Deflowered with cruelty; You are not a virgin, not anymore; Tenderness was all you asked for; No feeling, only hate; Instead of love, I gave you disgrace; Another form of r...

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3. Eleven

Let me purify you from the filth of flesh; You are not like the others; They are whores; Now my little beauty; Feed my fucking thirst; Trust your father that loves you; I caress you and you cry; Uncon...

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4. Fistfuck Sodomy

Whore spread your legs; Bitch now obey; Feed absurd desires; Nihilistic view of perversion; Naked as you are, I lewd upon your flesh; Blood drips from the womb; Fistfucked, I cum, abused; Breeding imp...

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5. Multiple Homicide

Punishment for immoral deeds; Unfaithful whore; I possess you with my blade; Fatally stabbed - cry out in terror; Razor's edge - cold eyes of fear; So perverse - multiple homicide; Phallic weapon - my...

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6. Repulsed By Vaginal Reek

Intercourse was all; She was searching for; Rapid erection; As she spreads her legs; But instead of a; Fine cunt I faced an; Abomination; Lust turns into repulsion; As vaginal walls collapse; She push...

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7. Savagely Beaten

My eyes draw your back; This pretty face will bleed; But I love you I want to feel your pulse; I grab you and you freeze; Your fear reaches its limits; You beg me to release you; But I get more berser...

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8. She Died In My Arms

Used her carcass as my whore; Raped with sickening force; Her female pride unfolds; Brutally fucked in every hole; My seed of sickness stored; A way to show this love; Time has come; Now you see; What...

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9. Unconscious

She looks so innocent; Now that she fades; I will conquer this body; Motionless body lying; Naked - Before me; I awaited this for so long; My sleeping beauty; Violently penetrated; Sexually abusing; T...

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