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1. Agora

All I’ve ever longed for; Was it a waste of time, or will I get mine? Abandon me, and I’ll adapt to the loss; What a dark and fragile place this is; I am stuck in between the lines of understanding; W...

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2. Celestial Floods

Engraved in stone, we've been dethroned; No longer the kings and queens; we've become outgrown; As I roam through eternity I let go of control; Another day, another night, pass me by; My uncertainty a...

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3. Courier

I have a message to send; To a world that doesn't want to hear it; Stop walking backwards into the dark; "Who's on my side? "; I find myself asking this question far too often when I; I see a depictio...

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4. Dead Roots

Everything you love, you let down; Tell me is it wrong to love at all? Call me the victim, call me the failure; The ice gets thinner; As I break through layers; Treading through the boundless; I rebuk...

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5. Eventide

Adrift a vessel; Into the never; Undisputed; Just like the violent weather; Violent weather; Inhale, breathe it in; Reveal, reveal; Assembled by hands with a vision; To find reason without religion; H...

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6. Forest Haven

We wait until the best things are gone; To realize they were the best things; We wait for the moon to replace the sun; To think about what weighs us down; Make me realize just what I have; I won't lea...

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7. Half-Life

We are one; Will you ever understand? You'll learn the hard way; Will you ever understand? It's not about you; I always told you not to stray away; All alone this world will make you pay; Together, we...

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8. Indigo

Harvester of the night; There are no secrets left anymore; We reap, and sow, and follow the road; The deadweight finally brought me down; But I will resurface; In stillness, came balance, and ears to ...

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9. Luna

I wish I knew you more; I wished that feeling away; And it always comes back; Comes back in my head very late; When I rest my head to lay; My thoughts get the best of me; That day; The clouds hung ove...

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10. Midnight Hymn

I was just giving in; I was just spending my time; All of my time, in my head; While the outside of me was dead; I was just giving in; When we speak, we create; When we love, we relate; Exist, for jus...

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11. Nocturne : Lost Faith

Let my guard down; Throw me on the floor; I lost the only crutch that I had; Another fail safe; another guarantee; I'll surrender with a "let me be"; And now I promise that I'm not the; Only cynic, I'...

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12. Soul Sleep

Native tongues; We have accepted; That we can never see eye to eye; With one another; Fear remains on your soul; And as life unfolds; You have become the tale untold; Bury me under dirt and sorrow; Li...

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13. Vacant

How long has it been; Since I was reassured; That everything will be alright in the end? Tell me the things I never wanted to hear; All this time, you tried to fix; What wasn't even broken; Tread on m...

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14. White Wolf

[verse 1]; In a haze, every winter’s morning; The sunrise, in all it’s glory; Defeated the night once again; This is a love I cannot comprehend; [chorus]; White wolf, you are home; Where the free and ...

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