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1. After Fife Years

I go back to country, where was I born. I met my friends, who were my best. I walk along the street, where was my home, I think it was better five years ago. Five years ago, five years ago. ; Drugs! V...

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2. Come Back To The World

Today man lives, tomorrow he can die. I'm asking a question - why does he live? What was his life? What was the sense of it? His life was nothing - vain and ungifted. ; Show me the way to the light an...

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3. Get Another Life

I hear a voice, who sometimes talks with me; I see the visions, which like reality; I tell to him and he answers me; I've asked the questions about my life and me. ; You can fly ... from life to life ...

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4. Immortality

Sometimes someone die, But his soul can live. The power and your soul; Are over you body. ; The bodies which lie under the ground; Are only flesh of human appearance, Their souls still are living toda...

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5. Perfection

Our spiritual development; Still not completed. The rising generation; Are going to erroneously ways. ; Principal deficiency of life; Consisted in improvement of intention, Deep thoughtlessness of you...

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6. Reincarnation

Your life is in your hands ... in your hands. Reincarnation to another appearance -; That is your sense. But to become human again, you must be now; ... Human! in this world, human in this life. ; Rei...

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