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1. Again

I will shake until I tremble; This whole knee deep in shit; Scaring what is left of fear; Left it here wide open; Too sure the pieces fit together; What is left to chance but; Leaving it to bitter que...

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2. Collapse

There we laid; A shadow that remains; Lost in my head; Tormenting my dreams; One last kiss; Go now don't look back; I'll keep this; Void inside of me; Promises are empty words; Filling hope with some ...

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3. Condition

Dreams fake awaken; Trapped and shifting; Slowly losing finds; Nothing left to learn; Tortured soul; The mind it aches; scratching til it bleeds; Detatch the chord of strings; This freedom so enslavin...

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4. Contort

Emptiness enables me; To treat new passing time; Questions raised to truth witheld; Draw pain that isnt mine; Bereft my insides bury words; Tormented in the mind; Strive to reach wisps of fate; Cleans...

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5. Daar Staan Hy

Thoughts of what tomorrow brings; Keeping in a lucid State; A sleep of dreams that might awaken; Cannot put the mind to rest; In and out of words unspoken; Drifts across my eyes; Wondering what will b...

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6. Freeze

Shapes, forms, take position,always, hiding next to me; relentless in my decisions, looking for a past so hard to reach.. Jilted light lay path to reason, what is it i seek to find.. will i ever know,...

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7. Ground Zero

Under a different circumstance; Could change a path left to chance; Drifting slowly through a phase; That captures like a passing face; Falling in and out of place; Among the clouded dreams; Of what i...

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8. Hymen

How do I come inside; Taken back and fallen hard; Against the grain of two; Beset and intertwined; Facing past so unclear; Desire takes ahold; Tempting fate to reel in hope; It echoes in my head; Sile...

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9. Intruder

Forced entry lurks & follows; (Penetrating); To just inside the chest; (Inside the chest); Dropping forth & sunken in; (Now hollow); And picking at the rest; (Forced into me); Weight falls upon & danc...

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10. Malediction

Burden brought as eyes open; Helpless to conceive; Infested with another one; Fear will sew the seed; A pet for immortality; Polluting and diseased; Spreading Human waste; We're our own enemies; An in...

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11. Reign

we choke on time spent wasted; the pain decide what taste is; left or right I cant decide; if anything could keep the eye; Reiging down in spoiled solution; to acquiese this obsession; flesh it serves...

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12. Sick

I feel sick and I try to disguise; This pattern often lies; In mind I cannot pry; To slip inside denied yet penetrates the eye; No simple reason why; Still something will collide; Shake as I touch to ...

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13. Subversive

Taking lives with lies; Disguise and hide behind the right; One man's contrived; Holy crusade to find; God at side leads the blind with fear as a guide; For greed and power they decide how many more w...

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14. This Disgrace

You waste your life on a lie; A myth to fill some self importance; This degrading worship for fools; worn upon a sleeve like a crutch; Righteousness to know end; Fill the plate and lets pretend; You'r...

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