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1. A Monolithic Vulgarity

Everything you've uttered is an echo; And this is not a curse; At least not by the hands of another; Your refuse; Will fertilize; Your own children; And the tunnel is burrowed eternally; As time diges...

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2. Burning These Days

Life, stretched out landscape beneath my feet; Time disintegrates in the palm of my hand; Familiar roads reflect fortitude; Ridden with fatigue; Breaking through these layers; Another layer of skin; T...

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3. Fault Lines

Reflection; Is but a stranger; These strings set rigorous routine; Cracks form, covering my body; Weakened, blistered and torn apart; Revisiting old wounds; Completing the circle; Once again; Swollen ...

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4. Fragments Of Character

Deprived of one's consciousness, all is distorted; Deluded forever, so long with this contortion; A manipulative grip keeps us mentally confined; Fragments of character mold confusion; Enticing words ...

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5. Gleamer

When the truth won't do; And lies are so fulfilling; Hollow words; Beget hollow gestures; Hollow gestures; Beget hollow ventures; This impulse that dictates our nature; Drives us to dysfunction; Belli...

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6. Iceblocks

Wandering lost; In a place of disillusionment; Gives way to glacial edifice; Narrow spaces with towering frigid walls; Monolithic blocks of ice; Stacked to the sky; Reflective surfaces; Confuse; And o...

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7. Nostalgic Echo

Disillusioned with complacence; We craft our past; Peering down this tunnel ever so far; Cracks shed light; Another day fails the shadow; One by one another chapter closes; Nostalgic echo; Perpetually...

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8. Rise To The Midden

Derange the scale of trust; With this animated prevarication; That once passed for happiness; Degenerate into character; The clearest of all intentions; Words drawn out; Unfiltered; A perception; Unta...

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9. Sores Will Weep

Making allegations of questionable value; How can you right what isn't wrong? All our preoccupations, all of out pretensions; Placated to the point of retardation; This distinction in unfakeable; Thes...

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10. Teledildonics

The yearning increased at; Exponential rates; But you wanted no part; Mortally content; Until the surge gave shock; And got you on all fours; Interface fucked; Inside a cubicle that looks of detachmen...

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11. They (as In Them)

Dazed with shovels in hands and gapaing faces; But there's really no assistance needed; The gluttons have already dug all our graves; It's so hard to tell what is and isn't; When contradictions are co...

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