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1. Conditioned Reaction

Like a rock through a mosque in Jerusalem; a bullet through the head in Vietnam; a cannon through the wall at Antietam; or the army through the people in Tiananmen; well our history is rife (that's ri...

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2. Education

We are born into the world; with a blank slate for a mind; capacity for learning, and tightly closed up eyes; the learning comes so quick; that we have no time to choose; our own set of standards; and...

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3. For Blood Under God

In the name of those who came before; And all the soldiers that died on foreign floors; Was it worth the cost of human life? A folded flag for your kids and widowed wife; Ch); (2x)do you hear the new ...

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4. No More Time

6 a.m. the clock goes off, the cycle is started and it never ever stops; until your useful life is gone; you get up for school, you get up for work; you sit there in your desk as the minutes jerk; unt...

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5. Profit Margins

Presented like a product, placed in a black box; the promise of salvation, is enough to make us watch; there is no thought, and there is no concern; we can't retrace our steps; across the bridges that...

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6. Public Interest

Hey mr. public, what you gunna do? when the third world starts starts starts starts; looking for you; gonna claim you saw the light; and it turned you to the right; and it made an honest man of you; H...

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7. Questions

I raise my hand cause; I've got another question; Teacher can you tell me; why the cops harass me; when I only wanted their protection; Why do I have to work for the rest of my life; face to the grind...

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8. Rights

give up, dumb down; forgetting all your dreams; so buy in, take out, and grabbing all you see; you sold out your ideals; when they got in your way; forgot about compassion; when it affected your pay; ...

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9. Rkn.rll

Rock and roll, expand and contract; redisgn repackage and shove it all back; into your face, false release; reassign perspective put it all in its place; well the notes are for profit; and the violenc...

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10. See The End

Without alarm, destruction creeps; and silently takes apart our ability to see; everything we, we say we stand for; and everything we, everything we hold dear; and if this is just the beginning; then ...

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11. Sustainable Yield

This is human condition; of resource scarcity; we've always been fighting; to sustain our needs; life is beautiful; but we're outside our means; and with another generation; the stresses won't recede;...

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12. The War At Home

Run, cover; Here comes la migra; Run, cover; Here comes the cops; Hiding in shadows, here comes la migra; Two days in the desert, here comes the pigs; We came as inmates through Ellis Island; We sprea...

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