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1. Ahead Of The Game

Some say good things come; To those who wait; But, if you wait around; It will be too late; So jump into the game; And hold on tight; Everything will turn out all right; Take all your chances; Play al...

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2. Hit the Streets

We`re feeling really mean; And we`re looking for a fight tonight; All right! Out of the light and into the night; So prepare, and beware; We`ll hit the streets tonight! Screaming down the freeway; Eve...

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3. Leaving Insane

I`m leaving here; With no place for me to hide; All those memories; Are still stirring inside; The feelings I felt; Drove me insane; But now I know; I`ll never see you again; I`ve turned my head; I`ve...

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4. No Return

Tracing back the footsteps of time; Sifting out the reasons from rhyme; Forget about this life of mine; I`m going back in time; Yes, I`m going back in time; Sifting out the mysteries of life; Passing ...

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5. Possessor

Lady born, the evil one; Possessor of the homeless sons; She's out to get us and take our souls; Domination's all she knows; She plays hard and she plays to win; With her evil instincts from within; S...

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6. Wasted Life

Locked in a dark cell, going nowhere; Thinking of the days gone by; Scanning, searching, always looking; Is it just a waste of time? Promises of life were shattered quickly; Was it such a vicious crim...

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